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Stubble digestion


Stubble Digestion

Utilize everything you can.

Stubble digestion is just as it sounds, Rocky Mountain Ag uses a Biological product from Bio S.I. Technology that is designed to replenish, restore and renew the microbial soil life in the soil. 

The SD 25 product offers a unique combination of naturally occurring soil microbes, with a heightened level of cellulose degraders.  Because of these Cellulose Degraders in the mixture we can take excessive levels of residue and in a short periods of time, typically 30-45 days see a 60-70% reduction in total residue bio mass.  Once the residue disappears you can know and have confidence in the fact that key plant nutrients are being returned to the soil and above all, Humus is being generated from the remaining plant debris.  As we build Humus, our soils gain stability in holding water, nutrients and profits. We have developed this program out of pure need for eliminating corn stalks, and cereal grains residues. 

There are several ways to get this job done. With our top program, Bio-Si and custom blends based on field history, you can use every bit of your soil potential. Anytime there is crop leftover, there is opportunity to improve your soil with less cost to your pocketbook.

We have heard of countless cases where there is too much crop residue, which can cause serious problems for future growing seasons. This is a serious problem, and we have the solution.  Your soil has the resources needed to digest the entire previous years residue and use it to your advantage. We simply apply the products needed to unlock your soils potential and turn this once thought "dead weight" and turn it into an asset.  

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