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Iron DDP


Iron DDP

Maximize your Crop Performance

Wolf Trax Iron DDP is scientifically designed for better plant availability and earlier uptake, delivering iron to plants in a way that is more effective. With a guaranteed analysis of 47% iron, Iron DDP is manufactured with the strictest standards, and features low levels of heavy metals for greater worker and food safety. Less fillers and contaminants means you get more of what you pay for.

Improved Performance 

The unique EvenCoat technology ensures that Iron DDP is delivered along with every granule of N, P, K or S in a fertilizer blend. This provides more feeding sites for the crop, closer proximity of the nutrient to roots and earlier, guaranteed uptake.

Better Uptake

Iron DDP has the proprietary DUAL ACTION Availability, providing immediate availability for plant uptake along with extended feeding over time, so iron will be available when the plant needs it the most. 


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