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Crop Consultation


Crop consultation

Ask The Plant

'Ask the plant' is our focus for crop consultation.

By asking the plant we take a proactive approach to manage what we want rather than what we don’t want.  Asking the plant is a proprietary testing system that looks at the soil from the plants point of view.  Seeing the plants point of view allows us to manage and offer recommendations that align harmoniously with actual plant needs.  After all, healthy productive plants are what we aim for year in and year out.

 Our reputation is based on our ability to work for you according to your needs as a grower. With our industry experience and technical network your crops will perform better and yield higher. One of our primary assets in soil and plant sampling is our ability to pinpoint your exact needs for your crops. Our top priority is to identify the limiting factors that inhibit production quality and profitability. 

Our first step is to get to know you, your farming practices and your budget to keep in line with what you really need. Next, we sample and test each of your fields pinpointing each of their specific needs. We then take the information from both steps and blend together a custom fertilizer specific to your field that will boost your yields and bottom line. 

This is our top priority and our commitment to you.  We take no greater pride in anything but serving you and helping you achieve your yield goals.

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