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Copper DDP



Copper DDP

Maximize your crop performance


Scientifically designed for better plant availability and earlier uptake, Wolf Trax Copper DDP delivers this important micronutrient to the plant in a way that is more effective. With a guaranteed analysis of 57.5%, Cooper DDP has vastly lower levels of heavy metals in comparison to other sources of copper, ensuring worker and environmental safety.


More Feeding Sites

The unique EvenCoat technology ensures that Copper DDP is delivered along with every granule of N, P, K or S in a fertilizer blend. This provides more feeding sites for the crop, closer proximity of the nutrient to roots and earlier, guaranteed uptake across the whole field.


Improved Uptake

Copper DDP includes multiple forms of active copper for immediate availability and uptake, as well as continuous feeding over time. The unique DUAL ACTION™ Availability guarantees earlier uptake and ensures plants have nutrition when it’s needed most.


Less product needed

Better placement (on every N, P, K and S granule), high analysis, and a patented formulation mean growers can apply less product. Less product means less transport time, less storage space and fewer passes across the field.


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