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Boron DDP


Boron DDP

Maximize your crop performance

Scientifically designed for better plant availability and earlier uptake, Boron DDP® delivers this important micronutrient to the plant in a way that is more effective. With a guaranteed analysis of 18.5%, Boron DDP is formulated to safely deliver boron throughout the growing season.


Flexible Application Options


Boron DDP features FlexUse Application, and can be used: 1) as a dry fertilizer coating, 2) mixed with liquid fertilizer, or 3) as a foliar application. This flexibility allows a grower to apply boron whenever a need is identified or when it is most convenient. One product with so many application options also means fewer products to handle, and the DUAL ACTION Availability ensures immediate and extended feeding over time.


Crop Safety

With boron, there is a narrow range between adequate amounts and toxicity. Boron DDP delivers an ideal and gentle 1 to 2 ppm to the soil, avoiding boron toxicity, which can occur in plants near large boron granules. In foliar applications, the high quality of Wolf Trax Boron DDP ensures plant uptake without harming the leaves of the plant.


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