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Do you want your soil to be more productive, easier to plow, and without the hard crust that slows cultivation and reduces plant stand? Would you like to achieve better results while saving money and improving the efficiency of your fertilizer inputs and other chemicals? Consider making Bio S.I. products a part of your fertilization program today.

Make Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula part of your normal crop production program. Over time, the microbes in Bio S.I.’s products help break down plant debris (organic matter) in the soil into humus, which holds water and nutrients in the root zone. Plant debris build up is becoming a tremendous problem with wheat and corn production. Our Ag Formula + Humus can make a huge difference here. It breaks most of that plant debris down over winter and this makes next year’s planting and harvest much easier and more profitable because you aren’t getting docked for debris. Plus, in this breakdown you are recycling nutrients you have already paid for. Some analysts are putting a figure of over $150.00 per acre of resusable plant nutrients from this debris you wont have to buy for the next crop. This benefit itself pays for Bio S.I. Ag Formula’s use alone. The microbes also allow plants to utilize fertilizers and nutrients more effectively, which means you can reduce your fertilizer while improving the growth of your plants’ root systems and foliage. But only reduce fertilizer according to your soil test analysis. Always use petiole (sap test) to make sure your plants are getting what they need at each new growth stage. This is key because you can mine your soil of nutrients and it costs much more to try to rebuild them.

Bio S.I.’s products help improve plant vigor which helps plants fight disease, and our beneficial microbes out-compete pathogenic microbes for space and food. They do not stop any disease but they can improve the plant’s immune system to fight disease by making the plant more vigorous. This can make the difference in winning or losing the battle with pathogens.

Bio S.I. Agricultural Formula will make plowing easier because it reduces hard pan and heavy crusting over time. This reduces fuel costs as well as reduces wear and tear on equipment. You will notice a good earthy smell return to your soil over time. Earth worms and other soil life start to reappear and you know the environment of your soil is changing for the better.


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