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Plant and Soil Sampling

Plant and soil Sampling

Source only the best sample


Texas Plant and Soil Lab (TPSL) is the best in the industry simply by the way they "read" the soil. Instead of using a harsh chemical reaction, TPSL uses an extraction method similar to the plants in your fields. By replicating the plants process of extraction, TPSL can give a much better sample recommendation for you. 

TPSL is the industry standard and by far the best option for sampling and testing soil and plants, they stand by their work and we stand by them. 

  At the beginning of each year we take care in assuring a proper soil sample is extracted and tested by only the finest in the industry. The Texas Plant and Soil Lab uses a method for testing the soil that mimics the plants root system, giving the producer a clear look at what nutrients will be most limiting.  This process then enables us to give you the very best recommendations so your plants thrive this season. Then we build a plan for solid fertility recommendations that creates the perfect platform for reaching maximum economic yield.