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Magnesium DDP



Magnesium DDP

Maximize your crop performance

with early delivery of Magnesium

Scientifically designed for better plant availability and earlier uptake, Wolf Trax Magnesium DDP delivers the important secondary nutrient to plants in a way that is more effective. With a guaranteed analysis of 30.0%, Magnesium DDP contains three forms of magnesium with additional formulants for improved efficacy and handling.


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Magnesium DDP features EvenCoat Technology allowing the nutrient to thoroughly and evenly coat each prill of dry fertilizer in a blend. Once applied, the nutrient will not come off during transport or handling. This results in even, consistent blends and blanket-like distribution of magnesium across your fields. 







Earlier Plant Availability


Magnesium DDP has the proprietary DUAL ACTION™ Availability, which provides immediate availability for plant uptake, along with extended feeding over time, so magnesium will be available when the plant needs it most.




Soybeans treated with Wolf Trax Magnesium DDP (left) are larger with longer roots than with the granular technology (right).


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